Spiritual Resiliency in Queer Christian Women


Unnatural began as a research project for my Master of Social Work degree at the University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN.  I was wrestling with my own questions about whether or not my church was a healthy place for me to stay after I came out as lesbian.  I wondered how others have navigated conflict around being queer and Christian.


I began to explore the experiences of other queer women from non-affirming Christian environments who had a current meaningful spiritual life.  Specifically, I studied how and why they held onto their faith after the church had promoted very negative ideas about homosexuality.  Their stories were inspiring, heart-breaking, and profound.


Unnatural: Spiritual Resiliency in Queer Christian Women is a compilation of research, interviews, and memoir, an exploration of the experiences of women who have fought to hold onto their faith and the personal growth they experienced along the way.

Finding faith among the exiles

Rachel Murr


Rachel Murr, MSW, LGSW